'Cenerentola' lived a comfortable life, but that was before her mother died and her father remarried. Now even her father is gone, killed by bandits on a journey to the next town over, and Tola is left under the thumb of her cruel step-mother, reluctantly subject to the whims of her two foolish stepsisters. Cener - as the aforementioned mockingly call her - is desperate for a way out.


Rapunzel's mother - or the woman she calls mother - locked her in a tower with no doors or stairs when she was eight years old. Since then, she's gone a little mad. In her spare time - which is all of it - Zel tends to talk to animals, find sharp bits of rock to scratch herself with, and loose the yards of hair that her mother has meticulously braided. And sometimes, the wind tells her stories.


A friend from the past who has returned home. Red has some gaps in her history, but she's not talking about them - and she's making questionable alliances for mysterious reasons.
To be expanded upon.


Catherine is locked away, but not by a mother...
To be expanded upon.

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