About Märchen & FAQ

Q: Why is this comic dead? When will it return?

A: Ah, but you see, this comic is not dead! It is still very much going on! Just... in my head, and in a text document. I am rewriting (again). And this time, I'm going to do it right, and let it be wrong a couple times before I stick it up on the internet. Do I know how long this will take? Nope. If you're that interested, you should send me a note saying so, and maybe I'll tell you how it's going. It also might be worth your while to watch my deviantart; I may be posting comic-related designs/doodles at some point. Other than that, feel free to ignore this space completely for a while! Live long and prosper.

Q: Buh - what happened to all the old comics? What's up with these new pages? I'm confused!

A: Well, I'm in the process of redrawing and rewriting (er, writing, actually, I never had a real script written out before) the entire thing, so the old ones had to go sometime. Some of them may be put back up in the extras or something, like the first one ever, or the one I did in watercolors, but for the most part, they're gone. The new pages are starting over from the beginning.

Q: You're ripping off {insert fairytale-inspired media here}! How dare you?!

A: Yes. I know I'm nowhere near the first one to rewrite fairytales. But part of the purpose of fairytales is to be retold, rewritten, and reimagined. Even before they were written down they were being changed. I'm just continuing the tradition.
However, there are a few books/other media that I desperately try NOT to rip off, because they've influenced me a lot, and it may show through. Those are the musical Into The Woods, Donna Jo Napoli's book Zel, and Sheri Tepper's book Beauty. I try to be careful, but you may spot some similarities.

Q: Why does Cinderella have such a big nose?

A: It's Cenerentola, and because I want her to.

Q: Who's Certenola?

A: Cenerentola. Say it with me: Cen-er-en-tola. Not that hard, people. Just call her Cener, okay? As for the reason behind it, Cenerentola is the name given to the Cinderella figure in the Italian opera La Cenerentola, which features a version of the story that has no magic.

Q: Do you do link exchanges?

Maybe. It's worth a try. If you want a guarantee that your site will get linked here, draw me fanart. :P

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